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<h1>Ellie led ceiling API</h1>
<h1>Gargogo API</h1>
<p>This Cargogo API is based on the Ellie led ceiling API</p>
[<< Back the the general Cargogo GIT](
<p>Make sure to join the Canvas course on <a title="Canvas Link" href="" target="_blank">Canvas Link</a>. Here you can ask questions about this api and other related&nbsp;Ellie stuff. It's also a place to share your work and discuss posibillities.</p>
<p>In the current situation if any person or group wants to control the leds for fun, a project or asignment there are a couple of things you have to do and know. You first have to know about the ArtNet protocol, which you&nbsp;probably don't because it's mostly used for professional use. Second you need to know the right settings for your local ip and have to know the ip's of the nodes. And third&nbsp;you have to know the specification of ArtNet in order to send the right bytes over UDP. Luckily there are ArtNet libraries for some programming languages which can solve your last problem but since you still have to send weird byte arrays in to (currently) 2 ip adresses it's not the easiest thing to do.</p>
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