Commit 15b943e5 authored by Jasper Verbeet's avatar Jasper Verbeet 🙇🏻


parent e6a44ef4
......@@ -106,10 +106,10 @@ app.get('/api/notification', (req, res) => {
weight_increase: increase,
size: size,
time_increase: addedTime,
dest_lng: getDbItem('dest_lng'),
dest_lat: getDbItem('dest_lat'),
stop_lng: getDbItem('stop_lng'),
stop_lat: getDbItem('stop_lat'),
dest_lng: getDbItem('dest_lng').toString(),
dest_lat: getDbItem('dest_lat').toString(),
stop_lng: getDbItem('stop_lng').toString(),
stop_lat: getDbItem('stop_lat').toString(),
setDbItem('opened', true);
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